What Others Are Saying


Priscilla Shirer

speaker, author at Going Beyond Ministries http://www.goingbeyond.com

Shannon's music is the perfect combination of authentic worship and masterful vocal ability. Each song she sings ushers the listener into the presence of God and into a deeper understanding of who He really is. Without a doubt, Shannon has been gifted and uniquely equipped to turn people's hearts toward God through song; and every song truly gives Him the worship that He deserves. You won't be able to merely listen with your ears; you'll hear this music ringing in the depths of your soul.

Kari Jobe

Worship Leader, Artist Dallas, TX. http://karijobe.com

I’ve listened to Shannon’s music for over a decade now. She is a true inspiration, and I am so thankful for the anointing on her life and her gift to lead worship. It’s an honor to know her!

Paul Baloche

Worship leader and writer of "Open the Eyes of My Heart," ''Above All" & "Your Name." at Lead Worship http://www.leadworship.com/

Shannon is one of my all time favorite singers. She has the gift, the voice, the heart, and above all, she lives the life she sings about. Every time I have had the privilege to worship with her, in a concert setting or in the studio, I am inspired to love God more. She is the real thing.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Author & teacher at Revive Our Hearts http://www.reviveourhearts.com

What a joy it has been to partner with Shannon in various Revive Our Hearts events. She is a rare breed of worship leader—in addition to being an unusually gifted musician and artist, she is a joyful, humble servant who shares out of her life and the freshness of her walk with God, engages wonderfully with the audience, facilitates their full participation in worship, and radiates the Spirit of Christ as she does. My own heart has never failed to be blessed and encouraged by being around this dear sister!

Jennie Riddle

Writer of "The Revelation Song" http://www.jennieriddle.com/

Shannon is a writer of writer's and has nurtured my heart with her music for 15 years now. Although privileged to call her friend for a decade now, I must say that she was my teacher long before we met, as her music was a type of mentor to me from afar both technically and spiritually. My soul owes her a debt of gratitude for living a poured out life of worship. Her lyrics have consistently brought me the love of the Father... Shannon is a true daughter of the King.

Jiri Voborsky

Resident Choreographer, Ballet Magnificat! at Ballet Magnificat! http://www.balletmagnificat.com

Shannon’s music is filled with divine inspiration, heartfelt devotion and deep gratitude to Jesus. Beautifully crafted musical and vocal talent bursts forth from the desire to worship her glorious and gracious Master and King. It has been an honor and steady stream of joy and inspiration to use Shannon’s music in many of our productions.

Linda Dillow

Author of “Calm My Anxious Heart’ and “Satisfy My Thirsty Soul” http://www.lindadillow.org/

One of my joys has been to travel and minister with Shannon - she leads worship and I speak on worship. I am blessed that Shannon is my special friend but she is also my “worship leader.” When I go to the Secret Place with the Lord, Shannon’s anointed music goes with me. God’s presence is hidden in worship and Shannon’s beautiful songs take me there.

Marshele Carter Waddell

Hope for the Home Front at Hope for the Home Front in Fort Worth, TX. http://www.hopeforthehomefront.com

I have carried your songs with me in my car, on flights, on walks, and on my iPod. God has used your gift of song and songwriting to strengthen me in profound, life-altering ways as I face my challenges and as I recover from each day's onslaughts. Your songs are full of God's word, which is alive and active. Your voice is soothing. The melodies are memorable and stay with me through the night. Please continue to proclaim to the brokenhearted that He sees, He knows, He cares and that He is working everything together for good for us, His children.

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