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Priscilla Shirer

speaker, author at Going Beyond Ministries http://www.goingbeyond.com

"Shannon's music is the perfect combination of authentic worship and masterful vocal ability. Each song she sings ushers the listener into the presence of God and into a deeper understanding of who He really is..." (read more)

Kari Jobe

Worship Leader, Artist Dallas, TX. http://karijobe.com

"I’ve listened to Shannon’s music for well over a decade now. She is a true inspiration, and I am so thankful for the anointing on her life and her gift to lead worship."  (read more)

Paul Baloche

Worship leader and writer of "Open the Eyes of My Heart," ''Above All" & "Your Name." at Lead Worship http://www.leadworship.com/

"Shannon is one of my all time favorite singers. She has the gift, the voice, the heart, and above all, she lives the life she sings about. Every time I have had the privilege to worship with her, in a concert setting or in the studio, I am inspired to love God more. She is the real thing." (read more)

A Little About Me... 

My story is much like yours, I’m certain. Not that the storylines are necessarily the same. Those could be altogether different. But each of us who has the opportunity to walk this planet will undoubtedly encounter joy, pain, connection, fear, heartbreak, love, laughter, adventure, unbearable sorrow and all manner of ugly and Divine. 

My life has had a generous portion of all of the above. And just because someone walks up a few stairs onto a platform to sing and play their songs every so often doesn’t mean life is coming up roses. Quite the contraire. They may very well be knee deep in ashes. 

But somehow beauty can always be found. Maybe not right away. Sometimes not even this side of eternity. But it is promised. Those ashes are not a permanent condition. Beauty shall come. 

I was born in the 70's to my Mom and Dad. My Dad was a pilot with the Navy and Air National Guard, then later became a Captain with Continental Airlines. My Mom was a singer turned Social Worker, who became a stay-at-home Mom once I and my younger brother came along.  Ours was a pretty normal life, if normal actual exists. And because both my parents were musicians, my brother and I both followed suit. Drums, guitar, piano, flute, violin, singing. It was all happening on any given day at the Fogal house. 

But when I was twelve, we hit a big bump in the road. Our family had recently moved from Omaha to a suburb of Boulder, CO, and - within months of that move - my parents announced they were getting a divorce. I was devastated, confused, angry, and began dealing with self-esteem issues. I felt out of control and so fearful. If something this horrible could happen, what other horrible things might happen?  

But while it was truly one of the worst things a young adolescent girl could experience, it was also something God wasn't going to let go to waste. I started to write more music and pour out my heart to the Lord in more vulnerable ways. All the pain, all the desperation to find peace, all the broken parts of the little girl in me who only wanted to be loved and be safe - they began seeking comfort. And that comfort was found sitting on a piano bench in front of an upright Baldwin Acrosonic, singing my heart out to the Father. I began to experience the exchange. Beauty for my ashes. 

Fast forward to my college years, and you would have found me in Dallas, TX. I graduated from Christ for the Nations and Dallas Baptist University, having studied Theology, Christian Ministries and Worship. After that season, God launched me into a life of songwriting and worship that continues to this day. I'm so thankful for the seeds planted during my years in the Lone Star State.

After getting married, I entered one of the most painful seasons of my life, when we experienced over a decade of infertility and miscarriage. At times, this season threatened to undo me. It was pure agony, as anyone who has experienced lengthy periods of infertility can attest. It tested my faith to the core and showed me my sense of entitlement and pride - as I kicked and screamed because things weren’t going as I’d imagined they should. But the Lord showed me His tenderness and comfort and also showed me He can handle (and actually invites) my outrageous range of emotions toward Him and toward the inequity of life in a fallen world! And, ultimately - through the gift of adoption - He gave us our precious son Christian in 2005. Beauty for my ashes, yet again. 

As the years have continued to unfold, I wish I could say the story smoothed out a bit. But no! As many of you know, there have been horrible physical accidents in my family that have torn at the seams of my sanity and my ability to endure (some I have shared publicly and some I’ve not been at liberty to share as of yet). There have been dark nights of the soul, seasons of hideous loss, crushing betrayal, and grave injustice, even recently.   

And yet, I have sensed Him tending to me, time and time again. You see, He doesn’t ever give up. He doesn’t wash His hands of us when one too many terrible things happen or when we’re not as strong as others think we should be in the aftermath of loss. He keeps on loving. He keeps on singing over us - humming a tune of deliverance and healing. He is our Shepherd, and He comes after the one. He stops everything to tend to our wounds, to bind up our broken places, and to carry us close to His heart. 

In and through these seasons of seeking beauty in lieu of the ashes, that’s when I do the most songwriting. Nearly all my songs started being written with a handful of ashes clenched in my fist that I desperately needed to find a way to exchange with Jesus. And, again, He faithfully comes. It’s been so sweet to see how, over the years, He’s somehow used my songs to touch hearts that are in a similar place. 

I live out my story in Colorado, mostly, where I lead worship at my local church and spend time with family and friends and our amazing dog Chloe. I love the mountains, the seasons, the crisp Colorado air. And I love finding beauty, wherever and whenever I can. 

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