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Take Heart

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In about one month, my new project “Take Heart” will be here in my hands (and I hope, shortly thereafter, in yours too!).  I’m not sure exactly why, but I have an extra sense of excitement and weightiness in my spirit about this project.  God was very specific as He laid out the direction for it, and He re-ordered my steps in unique and unexpected ways, as it unfolded.  He challenged my heart during the process of creating – revealing long-buried fears and assumptions I’d made about myself and my music.  It’s like He picked me up by my feet, turned me upside down, gently shook the something-or-other out of me, and stood me back up a freer person.  I love it when He does that, however uncomfortable at the time!  For these reasons alone, I am quite excited and thankful for this project.  But there’s more…

On a practical level, I was challenged to explore deeper avenues of writing.  I allowed parts of me I’d mistakenly suppressed come alive in some of these songs.  Melodies and chord progressions.  I shook loose expectations I’d put on myself, knocked down walls that hemmed me in, and shut out the voices in my head telling me what I thought other people expected of me.  All those voices can cause the very thing God wants to let loose be pushed down because of fear and insecurity.  For these reasons and new expressions, I am excited.

I am also beyond thrilled that the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra played with me on three of the songs.  I grew up not only playing worship and gospel music, but I grew up playing classically as well.  And when I hear a lush, soaring, beautiful string section, my heart pretty much melts.  And to get to sing and play with it…well, that is over the top!  I can’t wait for you to hear it too.

But beyond all of these things, my spirit is just excited.  I know God always has reasons for why we do what we do, but sometimes we sense them more than other times.  And in this moment, I feel His hand and His breath keenly.  To me, each song written is like a moment frozen in time.  A snapshot of something God was and is doing in my own life at the time I wrote it.  But just as we take an actual photograph to share with the world because we want them to experience that moment with us and because we, personally, want to preserve and relive it as well, God also captures elements and expressions of our lives – “click” – because He wants to share these snapshots with the world too.  What a joy and a privilege to be part of that multiplication.

For this reason, I am excited to give you “Take Heart.”  My friends, God is calling us to take heart in the midst of troubled times. (John 16:33)  In the dark moments, He asks us to lift our eyes to Hope.  To press in.  To tuck into His wings and trust Him implicitly.  To lay down what distracts us – again and again.  To be still before Him and rest. To place every ounce of our confidence in Him.  To allow all that He is to consume all that we are so that we might bring Him great glory and attention.

And so from my heart, I offer these songs.  First to Him. And then to you.  “Click”

Stay tuned…

…and take heart.


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