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Love Came for Me

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For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…

Have you ever wondered how the cast of Heaven reacted to the news?  We don’t have any indication as to how much information the Father shared with them about the “plan” before He made the announcement.   But can you imagine the moment when Heaven became aware that the Son Jesus, who had spent eternity at His Father’s side, was suddenly stepping off His throne and heading on a radical mission of redemption to planet earth?  Seriously?   It had to seem outlandish, extreme and rather unnecessary.

But isn’t that exactly what God’s love is for us?  It makes no sense why the God who formed everything we see and beyond would stoop down to us, not out of pity, but because of great and compelling love.  It’s true. God’s decision to send Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb was entrenched, doused and permeated by pure love.

Love came for me…

But what if He hadn’t? What if God had decided we weren’t worth the time and we were just too far gone?  A hopeless case.  What would my life look like today? It’s hard to say what decisions I would have made or where my path would’ve led without knowing this Love, or without having the mind of Christ, the Spirit of God and the hand of the Father leading and guiding me. What would my marriage look like?  My family?  My reaction to tragedy, death and unexplainable detours?  My daily struggles?   My eternity?  My sense of peace?  What if I wasn’t able to fall into the soft arms of grace when I fail or immerse myself in the amazing Love that can not and will not fail me?

It’s impossible to determine, but this I do know.  My life has been changed because of this Love – this love that culminated upon a cross with a bloodied Savior hanging and beaten for MY sin.

Love came for me…

I wrote a song for my Christmas album a couple years ago when I was imagining my own life absent of the gift of this Love.  Would you read them, meditate on them and then breathe a brief prayer of thanks in the comment section for how this Love specifically changed YOUR life?   (everyone who comments will also be entered in a drawing for a giveaway of FIVE “Love Came for Me” DVD’s I recorded  in Israel)…

Love Came for Me 

If You had not come, Tender baby King

And humbly left Your throne to reach someone like me

If You had not walked upon this broken ground

Where on earth would I be now?

If You had not come

If You had not come to seek the sick and lame

To set the captive free, to break the prisoners chains

I’d still be in the dark, grappling for the door

Longing for some way, somehow

Love came for me, Love rescued me

Love called my name, Love took my place

Sweet Lamb of God, I’m bowing down

My eyes have seen

I’m finally free

Love came for me

If You had not come, willing, spotless Lamb

My sin would be too much for You to take me as I am

But, oh, the blood of Christ that washes over me

Flowing from Your hands and feet

Don’t have to worry where I’d be

(repeat chorus)

This manger King

My everything

Love came for me

C/2010 Shanny Banny Music / BMI

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