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'Love Came For Me' leaves me undone. Every word and every note He has sung, played and written through you has always blessed and touched my soul deeply! This album is no different! Simply beautiful!!!


Just thought you'd like to know how your music and your song "Cling" is changing other people's lives too...I sang your song in concert Sunday night at a prison here in Wisconsin. As I sang, I watched several men just weep as the lyrics pierced their hearts. Afterwards several men commented on how that specific song ministered to them. 28 men raised their hands to accept Christ that evening. Thank you for your willingness to be vulnerable in your music -- it IS making a difference!


Hi Shannon! I want to tell you what a blessing your ministry is to me! Your songs make me stop and listen and worship God. When I first heard you on the radio, it was the song, 'I Will Rest In You,' a few years back. I cried in huge sobs! It was during the time when my husband and I were in the thick of wrestling with God over our desire to have another child...Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing what God has taught you. I am blessed by how you have submitted yourself and let God teach you during this extremely difficult limbo period...Please be encouraged that God is using you and your ministry in my life and in the lives of many others! You are a beautiful reflection of Him!


I just thought you would like to know, I heard your song "In the Waiting." That song was like I could have written it. I immediately went to the store and bought your CD. The next day I called our music director and told him he had to listen to not only this song, but the entire CD. He loved it and asked me to sing it. I sang it last week. It was so awesome to sing that song, because I could truly sing it from my heart and from my life experiences. Thank you so much. Not only did your song minister to me, but I had SO many people come up to me afterwards and say how much the words of that song meant to them.


Hi Shannon, I love your music. I appreciate your attitude of worship and not performance. Probably the highest compliment you can get in this earthly realm is to have people recognize the Jesus in your music and want to emulate it themselves in worship.

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