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Mike Harland

Director, LifeWay Worship at Lifeway Worship in Nashville, TN. http://www.lifewayworship.com/

Shannon - your "Faithful God" CD has become my "go to" CD when I need encouragement from the Lord. God has really used those songs in my life. Recently I was flying back from LA - a 4 hour flight - and was feeling discouraged & alone. I listened to "Faithful God" for almost three hours and found myself crying & worshiping the Lord on the plane. I could feel my tanks filling back up. Last week, I had a challenging day in front of me and I put "Pour Your Spirit Out" on repeat. It played all day long in my office. I just wanted you to know your ministry blesses my life.

Buddy Owens

Editor of the NIV Worship Bible and Author of 'The Way of a Worshiper' / Zondervan Listeners Letters

Shannon is an amazing singer with a heart of gold and a deep, genuine passion for God. When Shannon sings, I believe every word she says...


I received your cd "I Have A Song" a couple days ago. It has been ministering to me ever since. I don't think I could choose a single song that means the most. My husband and I are singing in the night right now, with a prodigal son and huge business difficulties. Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister to both of us.


I just wanted to contact you to say thank you and to let you know that God really, really used you to minister to me. I am 7 months pregnant with a baby that has been diagnosed with Trisomy 18. Everyone in the medical field says he will die within 6 months or so of birth. Other Christians have had babies with chromosomal defects (including the singer of the group Selah) whose babies were not healed. It has never been done. I have had a difficult journey balancing faith that God could heal, but may choose not to, and knowing that He loves me either way. I was watching Day of Discovery and you were singing, "I have a song" and I just started crying knowing that no circumstance or tragedy can take away my Savior's love or my salvation. You inspired me with hope. I immediately went out and bought your CD and have listened to it multiple times every day since then. So many songs have blessed me and redirected my thoughts to the LORD and to His care for me. Thank you so very much.


Shannon, I just wanted to tell you how blessed I was during your worship time at Maranatha last Saturday. Thank you for making it all about Jesus and not about entertainment. I am 49, divorced, childless and beginning the process of adopting 12 year old twin girls. Your adoption story brought hope and healing to my heart. Thank you for your ministry. I have always loved your music.


Shannon's 'Faithful God' is absolutely spirit filled. It goes straight to my heart and then releases my praises to MY AWESOME GOD!


Thank you for being so openhearted about your adoption journey. We are in the process of adopting from Russia (16 months and counting) and "In the Waiting" has been our theme song. Thank you for encouraging me and so many others who are on this incredible journey. Be blessed!


My husband of seven years was not feeling well when I first started getting acquainted with the collection of songs on "Faithful God," and, in a short time, was diagnosed with cancer and died within five weeks. As you can imagine, this has been a very difficult time for me, a time when I have cried out to the Lord as I've struggled with the many intense and unpredictable emotions of grief. Your songs have directed my mind to Him and the truths and promises of His Word in ways that I have desperately needed. Your songs, "Here in the Shadow," "Quiet Places," and "Whole Heart," have especially drawn me to my Lord and reminded me of His ultimate purposes for me, that I live completely in His love....thank you for your ministry to me at this time. I knew you would want to know how God is using you in one believer's life.

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